Welcome to MESHcornwall

Founder: Stephanie Woodcock   President: Wendy Trebilcock   Patron: Professor AJ Pinching

We are a patient-led group of volunteers dedicated to helping local people affected by CFS/ME

We represent local views in order to raise awareness for greater acceptance and understanding of CFS/ME

We campaign to ensure readily available and appropriate health and social care provision

We have - as an organisation - supported the local CFS/ME community since 1987 

News and Events

Regular Community Support Groups - Local meetings led by local people for local people

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Website Updates
New: About CFS/ME!

Read all about our chronic neurological condition:

what it is, who it might affect, what might cause it, how common it is, the symptoms, the diagnosis, and the treatment options

as recommended by National Institute of Care Excellence (NICE Guideline) and the influential CFS/ME Working Group Report to Chief Medical Officer (CMO Report)

and links to our national charity organisations


Your NHS Service!

Read about the our local NHS CFS/ME Service - the professionals involved, how to obtain a referral, the kind of treatments on offer; and the Neuro Care Advisory Service read more...

Local Help: negotiating the welfare system!

Find where you can go to seek local and national help to negotiate the benefits system, as well as general help and support for carers, local transport assistance and your mobility equipment needs read more...

MESHcornwall (MESH) Disclaimer:

All local CFS/ME Community Support Groups are advertised on the MESHcornwall Website for the convenience of those affected by CFS/ME. However, the groups are not run by MESHcornwall, therefore, we cannot be held responsible for the speakers, content or opinions held or expressed at these meetings. The groups have no association with the (NHS) Cornwall CFS/ME Service based at the Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro.